TheShy announced his departure from WBG after 2 years and took a break from competition

Just one day before the end of the LPL’s winter transfer window, top laner of WBG TheShy officially announced his farewell to the team after 2 years of association. Besides, TheShy also said that he will rest for a while and be absent from the Spring 2024 tournament.

This information surprised many fans of TheShy as well as the current World Championship Runner-up because over the past year, TheShy has still had quite stable performance on the field. In addition, WBG achieved good results at Worlds, in which TheShy’s contribution cannot be ignored.

TheShy announced his separation from WBG after 2 years of working together

Immediately after TheShy’s announcement, all public opinion pointed straight at the WBG team because in the last week of the transfer period, WBG was accused of reducing salaries and signing new contracts to put pressure on the players. players… Currently, WBG’s official Weibo is full of satirical, blaming and angry comments from fans. Under pressure, WBG was forced to ban the team’s Super Topic.

Under public pressure, the WBG boss explained that after the World Championship ended, he invited TheShy to re-sign twice, but the 1999-born player said he needed time to think. So WBG managers reached out to other LPL top laners but with the premise of making TheShy the number 1 priority. Ultimately, the team signed Zhu “ZDZ” De Zhang.

After that, TheShy expressed his desire to rest for a while, WBG management insisted for the third time, and offered the highest salary within the salary limit but still did not receive the nod from this player. According to the WBG boss, there is absolutely no way to sign with ZDZ to put pressure on TheShy. However, according to fans, the so-called salary cap is actually a salary reduction. WBG brought up this policy simply to hide the move to reduce wages.

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