Path of Exile: Expedition – The expansion version of the world-famous Online Game officially launched

RPG chop slash Path Of Exile just released another expansion, bringing many updates, improvements and a new challenge tournament. Path Of Exile: Expedition is a blast, challenging players to set foot on exploration locations and kill all the monsters there.


Developer Grinding Gear Games explains: “In Expedition Challenge League (challenge tournament), players will meet and assist a group of Kalguuran traders in recovering runic artifacts. At marked exploration locations, players need to calculate the location and how to place explosives and detonate them. The explosions will awaken the immortal Kalguur. The player’s mission is to destroy the above monsters to collect equipment and artifacts buried at the exploration site.

After successfully completing the expedition, the player can deliver the artifact to the Kalguuran merchants. Players can also create Diaries that lead to other expedition locations and trade with other players.

Besides the challenge tournament, Expedition expansion also brought skill gems new with a total of 19 types of gems. Readers can see detailed information about skill gems in the Expedition patch notes here. In addition, the first Chapter of POE has also been changed significantly, including buffing monsters, making them more dangerous, and adding new enemy types in the Cell Crawler and Ghoul lines.​

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