Louis: The Game – Mobile RPG game celebrating the 200th birthday of famous designer Louis Vuitton

Recently, the prestigious and long-standing fashion company Louis Vuitton has entered the gaming segment with the Game Mobile project Louis: The Game to celebrate the upcoming 200th birthday of the talented designer of the same name.

The main character Vivienne with the fashion house’s signature motifs.

According to information posted by Pocketgamer, Louis: The Game has the main character Vivienne – a wooden doll decorated with motifs from Louis Vuitton’s familiar monogram logo. In the game, Vivienne will lead players to explore the long history of the fashion house by completing various tasks and challenges. This will be a story set in the year Vuitton was 15 years old, when he moved to Paris to apprentice with a car trunk maker and establish his own fashion empire. At that time, he sold everything from leather goods, shoes to accessories, and of course clothes.

The game is expected to hit shelves on August 4, 2021 – Louis Vuitton’s birthday, on both iOS and Android platforms. Louis: The Game is the second name after Endless Runner (2019) – a game created in parallel with Virgil Abloh’s FW19 fashion collection, with 16-bit gameplay in a nostalgic style. Endless Runner is still playable on Louis Vuitton’s website.

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