The Zombie game adapted from the blockbuster Kingdom received criticism as soon as it was released, what is the reason?

Exactly as promised Kingdom: The Blood – title action game Action Square’s Zombie theme was officially released for free on Steam today (March 5). It was thought that the gaming community would have another quality game, exploiting a familiar theme but bringing a new approach, but it seems like this continues to be another disappointment.


Kingdom: The Blood is adapted from the above popular film series Netflix is Kingdom (or Kingdom of the Living Dead). By possessing majestic effects, large scale as well as integrating elements of conspiracy into the zombie pandemic, the film quickly made a splash in many countries around the world. In particular, Kingdom introduces a completely different image of zombies – hideous creatures wearing historical costumes, possessing incredibly fast speed and not even afraid of sunlight. These are considered quite new and different elements compared to Hollywood films with similar themes.

Therefore, Kingdom: The Blood is also expected to distill the essence of the original version into the gaming world. However, until now, what this game has done is receive “Very negative” reviews from players on Steam.


Some players think that perhaps the game was originally developed for the mobile platform, not the PC, so the game’s interaction style is not suitable for the mouse or keyboard operation style. In addition, sometimes players have trouble navigating, the camera in the game moves very slowly, in an action game, these are clearly “fatal” disadvantages. Not stopping there, the gameplay of Kingdom: The Blood is also considered boring, with black screen often appearing or lag during play.

The only lucky thing is probably the fact that Kingdom: The Blood is one free gamesIf not, many gamers will surely regret their spending!

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