The Last of Us TV series revealed its first trailer


The Last of Us transform is the first television series of PlayStation Productionsa studio founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment with the aim of turning the studio’s original games into series and movies.

The series will air on HBO Max in the US (and Sky in the UK) and will largely revolve around the events of the first game. The Mandalorian star, actor Pedro Pascal will play Joel in The Last of Us. Pascal once shared that he limited playing TLoU to avoid affecting his preparation for the role.

The actor explained that he himself did not have the skills to play TLoU but instead watched his nephew play the game. Pascal once shared: “I spent all the time I had watching the game that day, until I had to leave Florida. I found Joel very impressive and the entire game was a visually breathtaking experience. And then I worry that I might want to imitate too much, which in some cases might be a mistake in others. So I just wanted to create a healthy distance and leave my acting in the hands of Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann.”

The Last of Us TV series stars Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, Nico Parker as Dumbo, actress Thandie Newton’s daughter as Sarah, and Gabriel Luna as Tommy.

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