ZingPlay: The value of the game comes from joy and connection

Game portal entertainment for everyone

In the context of increasingly busy lifestyles and entertainment needs aiming for speed and convenience, game portal Zing play emerged as the top choice of Vietnamese gamers. With just one app download, using only one account, ZingPlay players can freely experience more than 15 games of many different genres such as: entertainment card games, chess, fish shooting, strategy, puzzles, farms…

Familiar games on ZingPlay.

After nearly 15 years of operation, ZingPlay is constantly innovating to adapt to modern entertainment trends. With just one account registration, players can access the ZingPlay mobile application and immerse themselves in a very diverse gaming world. This entertainment game portal offers the ability to download games to your liking and easily switch between games with just a few simple steps. No matter who you are, what game genre you like,… users will always find a game for themselves on ZingPlay. Every month, more than 30 million players in the Vietnamese market visit ZingPlay and find joy in this leading entertainment game portal.

Joy from connection

Besides the joy of winning after thrilling Billiards games, have “full entertainment” with iCa, compete with wits with Life and Death Gate Or try the feeling of “starting a business”. Billionaire chess,… ZingPlay is also a place to meet and connect with people with similar interests not only in games but also in real life, regardless of age and geographical distance.


The Cloud Garden grew up with the 8x – 9x generation and has now become a shared joy for both parents and GenZ. Diverse entertaining card games connect family members through extremely fun games. ZingPlay Billiards is a meeting place for top online players. Meanwhile, iCa, Monopoly and ZingPlay Seahorse Chess take players back to the days of gathering at bars to play with friends, or Sinh Tu Mon is a familiar name to strategy game players.

Understanding players’ desire to connect, the Board of Directors of entertainment game portal ZingPlay organized the ZingPlay Community Offline Event in Ho Chi Minh City on August 28, 2022. Hundreds of gamers traveled long distances with friends and family to meet and interact in a common space, experiencing mini games and interesting activities together. As long as they have the same passion, gamers of different ages, personalities, interests,… can find common ground and share the joy of entertainment with ZingPlay.

The new journey is full of promise

The launch of the strategy game Sinh Tu Mon in May 2022 is a big step forward, marking clear changes of the ZingPlay game portal in diversifying entertainment options for gamers. The positive response of the community to this new product is a great motivation for the game team to continue developing games that meet the needs of users in the future.

According to sharing from ZingPlay Game Studios, in 2022, ZingPlay will continuously launch many new well-invested games such as Cat’s Journey, ZingPlay Fishing Game, ZingPlay Radish Town… Diverse in genres ( casual, strategy, general fighting…) and taking care of quality, this “landing” promises to bring an explosive ZingPlay entertainment game portal with leaps and bounds improvements in graphic style and dimension. Deep storyline and new gameplay.

New games are about to appear on the entertainment game portal ZingPlay

Nearly 15 years of accompanying Vietnamese gamers, with the ZingPlay game portal, the value of the game always comes from being able to bring entertainment joy to gamers and create the connection of a common ZingPlay community – always Play hard, have fun hard, live hard.

To find out more information about the event ZingPlay Landreaders can refer to: https://play.zing.vn/ ​

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