Ubisoft’s “stepchild” has a shocking price drop after only 2 weeks of release

In the gaming industry, there is no shortage of potential names that have been “killed” due to disadvantages related to release date or lack of good promotion. And it seems like this list is about to have a new member, none other than Avatar: Frotiers of Pandora.

As the name suggests, Avatar: Frotiers of Pandora is an open-world adventure game inspired by the hit film series Avatar by director James Cameron. Although it did not receive positive reviews from critics, the game is receiving higher user scores than any other game. Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed was released recently, but it did not make a big splash in the gaming community. The clearest proof is that the sales of Avatar: Frotiers of Pandora are not high.


And just 2 weeks after its release, Avatar: Frotiers of Pandora had to be sold at a huge discount. At retail sites like Target or Amazon, players can purchase physical copies PS5 and Xbox Series X/S of the game with a 29% price reduction, from nearly 70 USD to only 50 USD. Meanwhile, if you visit Best Buy, the game is only priced at 40 USD, a 42% discount from the original price.

Perhaps this promotion is intended to motivate players to use it Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Make Christmas gifts to give to relatives and friends. However, such a large reduction just a few days after the game appeared on the market is still rare, especially for a famous developer like Ubisoft.

It’s unclear whether Ubisoft was disappointed with its latest “child” or not, but it’s certain that the developer needs to invest more in promoting Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora if it wants the game to reach the gaming community. more defensive.​

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