The Japanese government uses Minecraft to showcase a giant infrastructure project

Government Japan used Minecraft to introduce a building plan big dam in the real world. As Automaton Media reported, a YouTube account affiliated with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism uploaded a rather special video. Titled “We tried building the Tatsuno Dam in Minecraft!”, the video actually recreates a real-world dam project, one currently underway in Kumamoto City, Japan.


At just over a minute long, the YouTube video gives viewers a panoramic view of the Tatsuno Dam when the project is completed. The dam is completely in finished form and the Minecraft game even added details of the surrounding landscape and vegetation on either side of the dam.

The short video has a ‘homemade’ feel with the Apple desktop bar still clearly visible at the top of the screen. Some parts of the video appear to have been recorded at eight o’clock in the evening. According to Automaton Media, this video caused a stir in the Japanese online community, with some people even praising the detail displayed in the game.

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