PES officially changed its name to eFootball, joining the ranks of free games

IGN recently reported, series football game Pro Evolution Soccer belong to Konami has officially changed its name to eFootball. Capital is called PES in the West and Win Eleven in Japan, this is one of the most famous football game series in the world next door FIFA nice Football Manager. This move by Konami is expected to create many changes with the company’s long-standing game series.

More than simply a name change, Konami said, eFootball will become free games and only the Digital version, expected to launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android this fall. It is currently unclear whether the series will have a Nintendo Switch version or not.

The producer of the eFootball series – Seitaro Kimura explained to IGN, eFootball will no longer release new games for an annual fee, instead with regular updates for free. Konami will sell eFootball’s different game modes as DLC, allowing players to simply pay for what they want.​




Konami further revealed that to bring the ultimate experience to all football game fans, starting this winter, all versions of eFootball will support cross-platform cross-play. However, mobile gamers will need to use a controller to play with console and PC players.

EFootball will launch as a compact experience with multiple modes, teams and cross-play options. Konami will reveal more about eFootball’s gameplay and online modes at the end of August – the same time as the Gamescom 2021 exhibition.

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