Perfect World: Revolution – MMORPG Mobile with vertical screen, gamers single-handedly struggle across the battlefield


Perfect World: Revolution is an Eastern fantasy MMORPG with incredible 3D graphics from the China-based developer of the same name. The game reached 1 million pre-registrations in just a few months before its official release.​

Perfect World which is a title MMORPG game The fascinating fantasy world was released on PC, later with a Mobile version and quickly received a warm welcome from the gaming community. This mobile game has also been successfully released by VNG in Vietnam.

But it doesn’t stop there, Perfect World continues to release a “shortened” version compared to the horizontal screen when players can operate with one hand on the touch screen with Perfect World: Revolution. This will definitely bring a lot of fun to the user experience.

Perfect World: Revolution is a special case among MMORPGs in the gaming world, as it brings a very different Eastern mythological aesthetic, complete with dragons, beautiful Far Eastern architecture. The game also gives players a race with many classes, then you must venture into a vast fantasy continent for battles, parties and loot-based thrills. . Not only on land, Perfect World: Revolution also allows players to drop into the deep sea or fly high in the sky.

Basically, the gameplay and features of the vertical screen game Perfect World: Revolution fully meet the experience needs of fans of the game. Perfect world. You will still choose your character class, participate in PvP, PvE environments and interact with friends. The game has 3D graphics that are refined and kept original compared to the horizontal screen.

Currently, Perfect World: Revolution is free to download on both the App Store and Google Play. Interested readers can download from the link below.

iOS Link:

Android Link:

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