The Halo and League of Legends voice actress was brutally murdered at her home

The voice acting community recently lost one of its elite members – voice actress Brazilian Christiane Louise. According to Christiane’s colleagues, she passed away on August 6 at her home in Rio de Janeiro city and is believed to have been murdered. Chistiane Louise is known to the gaming community for providing her voice for many characters such as Cortana’s HaloMercy’s OverwatchHelen Lovejoy’s The Simpsons and Sivir’s League of Legends.


Police arrested Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa – a Brazilian man on suspicion of murdering Christiane. Pedro also admitted to the murder, but he claimed he only did it in self-defense. It was reported that Pedro’s motive was to appropriate all of the 49-year-old actress’s belongings and assets after her death.

According to police, the suspect cut Christiane’s legs and throat, and the suspect’s mother also helped her son during the crime. The two left Christiane’s body in their house for 2 days before hiding her body. Her body was discovered about 2-3 days after the murder occurred. Some of Christiane’s belongings and property were also found at the suspect’s mother’s house.​


According to sources close to both, Pedro met Christiane at a psychiatric clinic in 2017 and have been friends since then. It is still unclear how Pedro has planned to ensure that he will receive the actress’s entire assets after her death… Christiane Louise’s passing has left many regrets in the hearts of gamers and gamers. fan. Many Halo players, League of Legends players… sent their condolences and encouragement to her family and friends.​

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