Being stingy with players, Genshin Impact suffered a wave of outrage

Recently Genshin Impact – game title gacha Once popular, it just suffered a major attack from the gaming community. The reason is said to come from HoYoverse’s recent livestream. During the livestream, the developer announced that players will only receive 3 Kings of Fate – a premium currency used to spin characters and weapons in the upcoming Tet Hai Dang event.

This supposedly “lackluster” reward has sparked a wave of long-simmering anger in the Genshin Impact gaming community. Players invite each other to rate 1 star on Bilibili’s Genshin Impact download pages, and at the same time unfollow the game’s official Douyin Channel (Chinese version of TikTok). As noted by user X GenshinUpdate, the game’s Douyin account RPG This website dropped from 9.3 million followers on January 22 to only 8.7 million the next day, meaning it lost up to 600,000 followers overnight.

Players invite each other to rate Genshin Impact 1 star

Genshin Impact’s Douyin channel lost 600,000 followers

This anger even spread to brands that have partnerships with Genshin Impact such as Heytea, KFC or PizzaHut. Players compete to unfollow the social network accounts of these brands to put pressure on the developers MiHoYo.

This is not the first time this has happened, in fact, Genshin Impact often offers gifts that are considered unattractive for its events. However, this year’s situation seems to be much worse, especially compared to what the same game Honkai: Star Rail brings to its players. Previously, there was a time when Genshin Impact had to increase the number of rewards to appease players, so it is not difficult to understand that the community intends to apply the same tactic again to claim their rights.​

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