Palworld Guide: How to Craft Guns and Ammo

“Pokemon with Gun” is how many people describe it Palworld, and that’s something players can realize in the game. However, it is a technological achievement that players need to go through different eras to reach.

Palworld has a Techlogy tree, starting from the Stone Age up to modern equipment including guns. The guide below includes how to craft guns and ammo as well as some other important crafting and gathering information.


The first gun you come into contact with in Palworld is the basic Musket, which has more power and a longer reload time than the Crossbow. You can unlock this gun along with the crafting parameters for Coarse Ammo and Gunpowder when you reach Level 21. You will need High Quality Workbench to craft Gunpowder and Weapon Workbench for guns and ammo . As you level up, you’ll unlock more drawings for guns, ammo, and workbenches. For example, the Assault Rifle is unlocked at Level 45 and it can only be crafted at the Weapon Line Factory using advanced crafting materials.


Regarding the Musket and its bullets, you will need the following to craft them:


Ingots are refined from Ore you get through mining ore. High Quality Pal Oil can be collected by defeating Pals such as Mammorest and Woolipop. Mammorest is a level 35 Pal found on the starting island, while Woolipop can be found in Bamboo Groves west of the Ravine Entry fast travel point.

Charcoal is created by burning wood in a Primitive Furnace with the help of a Foxpark or another Fire-type Pal with the Burning ability. Meanwhile, Sulfur can be found inside Dungeons. You can find Dungeon entrances along the sides of caves or ledges. Sulfur mining sites themselves resemble regular ore mines with a slightly yellow color.


Players can also craft Pal Gear for Lifmunk and Tanzee, which unlocks their special Partner Skills. Lifmunk’s ability allows you to place them on your head and it will start firing its submachine gun when you hold down the fire button. Meanwhile, Tanzee’s skill allows it to switch to gunner mode and shoot enemies freely with an AK47 assault rifle.

GameHub will continue to update other guides about Palword in the near future.​

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