The game developer suddenly retired early after a controversy over discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community

Recent independent developer Scott Cawthon – the creator of the famous game series Five Nights at Freddy’s has suddenly announced his early retirement. It is known that Scott’s decision was made after controversy with the community LGBTQ+ recently.​


On his personal page, Scott Cawthon wrote:

Not long ago, Scott Cawthon faced a lot of criticism when one of his financial records was leaked, showing that he had donated to many controversial US politicians, including former president Donald Trump for many years. While Scott always affirms that he loves the LGBTQ+ community, the politicians he supports are opponents of this community. Many LGBTQ+ members have spoken out demanding that Scott apologize, some extremists even posted threatening comments on Scott Cawthon’s Twitter. Worried about his pregnant wife, Scott decided to retire early to avoid public opinion.​


Recently, the hashtag #ThankYouScott appeared in the top trending on Twitter in the United States as a regret from Five Nights at Freddy’s fans to the series’ creator. Ignoring Scott’s controversies and political views, he is still an excellent game developer with many quality products for players.​

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