Summary of the results of the third day of Vietnamese e-sports at ASIAD 19

At the department AoV Asian Games versionafter losing to opponent Malaysia in the Semi-finals, Vietnam national team met the Thai national team in the bronze medal match. According to experts, the Thai national team is a strong competitor in the region. Although we tried very hard and there were times when the Vietnamese national team had a chance, our representatives still could not overcome their opponents, missing out on the bronze medal at the tournament. ASIAD 19 and ranked 4th overall.


In the subject Street Fighter Von the first day of departure, two athletes Huynh Thoai Chuong (Anubis) and Nguyen Khanh Hung Chau (Shin) tried very hard, played tenaciously but lacked a little luck.

As for Shin, after falling to the losing bracket, he quickly regained his spirit and won against his opponent from Tajikistan. However, after that, he met the opponent he had clashed with in round 32 and had to stop in round 2 of the double bracket qualifying round.

Meanwhile, Anubis continuously proved his strength by defeating representatives from Maldives and Thailand. However, after that, he had difficulty clashing with the representative from Saudi Arabia, one of the second strongest factors in the tournament and the regional champion at RDAG 2022. As a result, Anubis lost to his opponent with 1 point difference.

Tomorrow, September 27, the Vietnam national team will compete electronic Sports will continue to compete at ASIAD 19 with League of Legends (Quarterfinals) and Dream Three Kingdom 2 (Group stage).

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