The Finals attracted more than 220,000 players online after 12 hours of launch


Shooting game best seller The Finals has surpassed the 220,000 mark player at a time on Steam just 12 hours after release. Data from SteamDB shows that The Finals currently has 221,396 players online, a number that has increased “slowly but surely” since the game’s official release at The Game Awards 2023 on December 7. Potential players Energy increases even more during the weekend.​

The Finals is a shooting game free of charge takes on the game show theme, where contestants participate in the virtual world and compete with their teams in tournaments: “Fight with your teammates in a virtual arena where you can change, exploit and even will destroy.”

Despite the above popularity, The Finals currently has a “Mixed” review rating on Steam. Some of the changes made between the beta and final versions have left some fans upset, especially regarding the movement speed in the game. The problem of connecting to the server also made many players express their disappointment.​

Embark Studios said they have not changed the in-game speed since the open beta version and made some guesses about this issue. Specifically, the developer shared: “We have identified a number of reasons why people have different gameplay experiences. Over the past month, we have made small adjustments to animations, sounds bars and settings. Overall, the above adjustments may cause players to experience slower movement—especially for light and medium classes. Additionally, another setting may have caused illusion of slower movement. Settings have been reset, so FOV is defaulted to 71.” Embark Studios is working to balance some of the animation changes mentioned and is recommending some players adjust their FOV levels.


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