Just 20 days after being released, a Chinese male gamer was arrested again by the police for hacking games

Japanese media reported that a man with the surname Chiang, Chinese nationality, currently living in Tokyo, has just been arrested by the police for fabricating and selling save game files. Monster Hunter: World copy PS4 and Monster Hunter: Rise copy Nintendo Switch. It is known that this is not the first time Chiang has been arrested, but it seems that he is still used to his old ways.​


In early July of this year, Chiang was arrested for selling modified save game data files of Breath of the Wild, helps improve the attributes and abilities of characters in the game, thereby helping customers easily obtain rare items. This violated Japan’s Unfair Competition Prevention Law.

Yet, just 20 days after his release, Tuong continued his criminal behavior, this time the object that Tuong targeted was Monster Hunter. According to the police, this time Tuong provided the service of editing save game files for 3 gamers and collected 3,500 – 4,500 Japanese Yen (about 730,000 – 940,000 VND) in service fees.​


However, Tuong did not know how to hack or edit the data of these hot games. Instead, he went to a Chinese intermediary website and spent 500 Japanese Yen (about 105,000 VND) to hire someone to do it for him. As for Chiang, he just needs to find customers and sit back and enjoy the difference. The police further revealed that within 1 and a half years, this Chinese man earned 10 million Japanese Yen (nearly 2.1 billion VND) from the above illegal work. Because he has a criminal record, this time it is likely that Tuong will have to face a higher penalty for his actions.

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