The fighting game League of Legends officially changed its name to 2XKO, revealing its launch date

This morning (February 23), Riot Games brought the latest information about Project L – title fighting games 2v2 is under development. Accordingly, Project L will have the official name 2XKOscheduled for free release in 2025 on multiple platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation X/S and PC.

2XKO was first announced in 2019 along with many other new projects with the aim of expanding the universe League of Legends, for example Arcane or Legends of Runeterra. The title was also introduced to the fighting game community (FGC) in 2021 and appeared at last year’s EVO as a playable version.

2XKO is a 2v2 fighting game, but unlike other games of the same genre such as Marvel vs Capcom, 2XKO allows players to choose whether to compete or cooperate. Players can build their team from a list of champions in the League of Legends universe. The 5 generals that Riot Games has confirmed will be present in the game are Ahri, Ekko, Darius or Yasuo… We can absolutely hope that in the future, along with the development of 2XKO, there will be more familiar faces. Another attribute comes to the game. The newly released trailer also shows that the skills of champions in League of Legends will be recreated in 2XKO.

Before officially launching in 2025, 2XKO will be brought closer to the gaming community in the form of demos, starting with the EVO event that will take place in Japan next April. Riot Games also promises to open testing for the game later this year.​

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