Tuanz2K – A brave pro gamer who temporarily stopped his studies to pursue his passion

If you are a gamer who loves the game PUBG Mobile Surely you are no stranger to the name Tuanz2K. This guy born in 2000 is currently a professional PUBG Mobile player Streamer of the Facebook Gaming platform. So what was the fate that made Tuanz2K temporarily put aside his studies to pursue this difficult path? Let’s find out with GameHub!


Tuanz2K’s real name is Tran Quoc Tuan, born and raised in Bao Loc city (Lam Dong) and currently working and competing in Ho Chi Minh City under the colors of Vgaming. Before officially switching to professional competition, Tuan was also a normal student like many of his peers, but because of his passion, Tuan decided to reserve:

Tuan’s decision was initially met with opposition from his family, partly because he was worried about his children and partly because he doubted his future, thinking that playing games could not make money and had no future. However, due to their son’s determination, Tuan’s parents still accepted to let him fulfill his dream. After competing for more than a year, I have achieved many big and small achievements both at home and abroad, including the two biggest PUBG tournament championships in Vietnam: PMPL season 2 and PMPL season 4. Seeing Tuan have Being able to earn an income through games, his family and relatives began to support him. Now his parents are the most loyal viewers of this 22-year-old boy every time he streams or competes.


Besides competing professionally, Tuan also spends a lot of time livestreaming with the hope of becoming more known and earning more income to prove to everyone that Streamer is also a job that can make money. . Tuan shared that during more than half a year of working, sitting in front of the computer screen and interacting with viewers also helped Tuan become more talkative and know how to promote his strengths to bring laughter and attract more people. see.

However, every job comes with difficulties, and professions that require the attention and support of the audience like Streamer are even more so. Confiding in GameHub, the male Streamer said:

The Lam Dong guy also shared two more main reasons why you choose Facebook Gaming instead of many other livestream platforms today: First, because Facebook Gaming is more accessible to viewers, thereby helping Streamers quickly raise their awareness. high number of followers and interactions. The other equally important reason is income. According to Tuan, the income level when becoming a Facebook Gaming partner is quite high, this is also one of the attractive factors of this platform besides being able to participate. Participated in many major tournaments.


After a period of diligently pursuing his passion, Tuanz2K has reaped his own successes, this is also the motivation for Tuan to continue to excel in his future work, especially now that Tuan still has the Unwavering support from friends and family. Wishing the young Streamer will achieve more sweet results on his chosen path.

Interested readers can follow Tuanz2K’s livestream at:

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