The father of Death Stranding founded a film studio

Kojima Hideo and Kojima Productions has established a new business division to operate in the music, television and film industries. The studio will be based in Los Angeles and plans to bring past games (or at this point are Death Stranding) to the above fields.


Longtime fans of Mr. Kojima are probably lamenting that it took so long for their favorite game maker to officially step into the film industry. Director Kojima has a history of obsession with cinema and movies in his games. His bio reads as follows: “Game producer: 70% of my body is made of film.” Kojima’s team has produced many of the films from fictional settings, and Kojima himself has scripted everything from visual novels to interactive comics.

Former PlayStation senior officer Riley Russell will lead the new film studio: “The new department is tasked with working with creative professionals and talent in the television, music and film industries, as well as the familiar game industry.”


“The team aims to expand the reach and awareness of projects in development at Kojima Productions and make them a part of popular culture.” “Finding new ways to entertain, engage and provide value to fans is essential in an ever-moving and changing world of storytelling,” shares Yoshiko Fukuda of Kojima Productions. Our new division will take the studio into more areas, showcasing our creative stories beyond the world of games and opening up channels for fans to communicate and immerse themselves in these spaces .”​

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