Palworld Guide: Cool and simple ways to avoid being raided

Raid is an internal mechanism Palworld, where a large number of enemies will attack the player’s base at a random time. It will sometimes cause certain discomfort, even completely destroy the base if the gamer is negligent or inexperienced. However, players can completely avoid these Raids with a few simple tricks.


A Palworld player discovered a clever way to prevent raids, which is to build a series of structures surrounding the raider spawn point. This player shared a screenshot showing a group of Free Pal Alliance Eco-Terrorists and Grass-type Pal Lyleen gathering in preparation to attack their base. But instead of conducting a raid, they are trapped inside a circular structure with no escape in the middle of an open field, while the player is freely flying in the air with Frostallion. The Free Pal Alliance is one of five factions that exist in Palworld and often appears in Raids. According to the game’s plot, this is a group fighting for freedom and more ethical treatment of the Pals.


The community praised this player for finding a simple and effective way to deal with raids, while also sharing other equally clever ways. Some players revealed that they have built their bases to be immune to raids and never have to worry about them. These bases are located on mountain tops so enemies cannot reach them. Another method suggested by many people is to use Viewing Cages as invisible barriers and protect your base.


Currently, Palworld’s Raid mechanism is limited to NPCs attacking the player’s base. With the release of Palworld’s roadmap, developer Pocketpair promises to add Raid Bosses as part of endgame content. It looks like, Palworld players will have to face new dangers and challenges in the coming months. And it will be more fun, that’s for sure.​

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