Will Nintendo move the Switch 2 launch date to 2025?

With work Nintendo Switch has sold 132 million units globally and entered its 7th year of operation – which is about to end its life cycle, rumors about the console. console The next generation of Nintendo continuously appear. Accordingly, there are many speculations that, Switch 2 expected to launch in the second half of 2024.

However, as revealed by Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe, gamers will have to wait until 2025 to experience Switch 2. Lippe confirmed that this information comes from 5 different developers, who is currently working on titles that will launch on Switch 2, all of which point to a Q1 2025 launch date for the console.


In addition, VGC journalist Andy Robinson also shared that there were some conversations among industry insiders earlier this week, in which they mentioned that Switch 2 would move from its release date to 2025. But Andy cannot confirm that what Lippe shared is completely accurate.
If Lippe’s information is true, it seems to be quite a while before there is an official announcement about Switch 2. Because Nintendo often prioritizes revealing new hardware quite close to release, for example with Switch, since announcement to market launch in less than 5 months.

Up to now, the gaming giant has not yet confirmed the existence of a “successor” to the Nintendo Switch. Instead, they continued to deny rumors surrounding Switch 2, and affirmed that Switch still accounts for the majority of business in the upcoming fiscal year (lasting from April 2024 to March 2025). ) of the company.

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