The famous game series appeared at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in an unexpected way


For game enthusiasts like us, “Japan” is almost synonymous with “Video Games”. And if by chance you watched the opening ceremony of the biggest sporting event of the year last night, you probably had to say “Oh, is this…?” and gradually realized it was true.

When the sports delegations held national flags and marched to the opening ceremony, the background music played, causing the audience to exclaim in surprise when they recognized “familiar people”, like Mr. Stephen Stapczynski – who posted interesting videos. this to Twitter.

Background music by Dragon Quest rang out in the middle of the 68k seat stadium.

Next is the OST of the famous series that no one knows Final Fantasy.

This is an iconic song, players can hear it anytime when completing a battle or leveling up their character in FF. For gamers, the sound associated with the feeling of conquest and accomplishment is what you want to hear after doing anything interesting and difficult. Next is the appearance of the background music mashup Sonic the Hedgehog with Dragon Quest and also Nier Automata.

Sonic the Hedgehog OST.

Nier Automata OST.

Chrono Trigger OST.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 lasting more than 3 and a half hours, there are no spectacular performances that require a lot of human resources because Japan is still applying measures to limit large gatherings due to the epidemic. Instead, it is simple and conveys the full meaning of the most difficult Olympics in history.

Vietnamese sports delegation at the opening ceremony last night.

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