The Exit 8 – Welcome to the platform exit with no way back

There’s extra work at the company today so you have to come home late. There’s no money left for a taxi, so the subway becomes your only option to get home. Rumors about night train stations, where nomads often hang out, make you shiver when you think about them. But because you were exhausted from the work your boss assigned you right before work, that fear became just a fleeting thought in your mind and then disappeared. The stream of water from the shower washes away tiredness, a bowl of fragrant noodles with steam rising up to blur your glasses, a warm and comfortable bed even though it’s a bit rickety… all the simple things are enough to motivate you to go home. underground direction.

But you can’t know that waiting for you at the train station is another world, a world where bad bosses, nomads, jobs that exhaust you… are extremely ordinary things. There, strange and ghostly things, hidden figures without human form, are waiting to tear apart your body and soul. Welcome to The Exit 8.


The Exit 8, like Hideo Kojima’s legendary PT, puts players on an endless loop, set at the exit of a subway platform. Here, players will encounter many unexplained monstrosities, and the ability to observe will be the only thing that saves your life. Taking your first steps on The Exit 8, you can immediately encounter the first monstrous event which is a guide sign “disguised” as directions and is also the only clue for you to escape here:​

  • First: Don’t ignore any unusual phenomena.
  • Second: If you encounter an unusual phenomenon, turn back immediately.
  • Third: If you do not encounter any unusual phenomena, absolutely do not return.

Those three principles sound very simple, but they will help you survive and reach the end of the journey, which is the exit of the station. If you are sure everything is as you just saw, don’t hesitate to move on. But if you accidentally encounter unusual phenomena… such as two guys in black suits standing motionless at the end of the street, stains on the ceiling shaped like skulls, or a red flood coming, turn around immediately. instantly.

Do you see the screaming skull?

The Exit 8 is unlike many titles horror game, trying to scare players with “Jump Scare”. Instead, the game tries to hide secrets and unusual things in a seemingly normal scene. Just ignore a small detail, such as the handle in the middle of the door frame, or the glance on the poster, and the player will be pulled deeper into the deadly loop of this ghostly world.

It is the unusual “peacefulness”, the chilling silence on the concrete road of the station exit, that creates a unique fear that gradually seeps into the player’s mind. Perhaps this is exactly what we need, something simple but easy to gnaw at the sanity of even the bravest people. So don’t hesitate to step into the station exit called The Exit 8, where you can go forever without returning.​

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