Ranking 20 Marvel TV series, from low to high (Part 1)

Up to now, a series of television series have arrived Marvel has been produced and shown on many different platforms. Let’s join GameHub to take a look at the most famous faces among them, and rank them in order from low to high. Note, the rankings are written according to the subjective opinion of the writer. Readers can share their opinions in the comments section.

20. Iron Fist (2 seasons on Netflix: 2017-2018)


Iron Fist may have been a mistake from the start, as it was about a superhero using martial arts, but the fight scenes in the movie were lackluster and forgettable. Bad characters, bad acting, slow plot… I don’t understand where Netflix gets the confidence to produce a second season.

19. Runaways (3 seasons on Hulu: 2017-2019)


The film series begins by telling the story of the teenage superhero team Runaways, fighting against their parents who are super villains. The film initially made a good impression thanks to choosing the right cast to play the title characters. However, extending to 3 seasons makes the show drag on, the villains gradually lose their quality, and wastes the entire potential of the series.

18. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law (1 season on Disney+: 2022)


She-Hulk is a mess of bad writing, bad characters, bad CGI, and leaves the audience gasping for air when it’s over. The film wants to promote feminism, but by ridiculously degrading the male characters. Even Hulk, a familiar superhero of the Avengers, was turned into a canvas to highlight the title character. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, She-Hulk still cannot make a good impression on viewers. The film does not show the injustice and repression that the character has to endure because of discrimination, but always wants to put that concept into the audience’s mind by saying it in words. It backfired, and the movie was hated, obviously.

17. Secret Invasion (1 season on Disney+: 2023)


Nick Fury deserves better treatment. The show is essentially a sequel to Captain Marvel, Marvel’s fairly underrated theatrical film. There’s not much to say about the movie, as it turns Nick Fury into a much lower version than what he portrayed in movies. No longer a mysterious, intelligent and decisive leader, Nick Fury has almost become a comedian in his own show. All in all, the movie completely wasted the potential of one of the most incredibly exciting events in Marvel comics.

16. Cloak & Dagger (2 seasons on Freeform: 2018-2019)


Cloak & Dagger takes advantage of the comic’s encouraging premise: Two disparate teens discover the power of light and darkness that emerges when they’re together. The chemistry between the two actors is quite good, even though the two characters do not maintain their image in the comics. The series’ second season was completely wasted, with a lame villain and forgettable developments. The main character couple deserves better treatment. So does the audience.

15. The Defenders (1 season on Netflix: 2017)


The Defenders is Netflix’s attempt at creating a crossover movie similar to Avengers. So its success, like The Avengers, depends heavily on the interactions between the four central heroes. Luckily, it does that quite well. The show is at its best and most entertaining when the Defenders are all in the same room, bickering and criticizing Danny (Iron Fist). However, that is probably the only bright spot of the show, when the other parts all did quite poorly. The battle scenes are too repetitive, the plot is bland, the villain lacks depth…all of which make the film less attractive in the eyes of the audience.

14. What If…? (2 seasons on Netflix: 2019-2023)


What If…? Definitely a potential series in terms of ideas MCU, but what was realized and brought to the screen caused quite a bit of disappointment. Show is a series of episodes about “what if…” events in Marvel’s multiverse. Some practice is good, some practice is bad. Season 2 seemed to do better than season 1, but some forced plot twists at the end of the season brought its score down significantly.

13. Agents Of SHIELD (7 seasons on ABC: 2013-2020)


Agents Of SHIELD went from stardom to estranged child of the MCU in a short period of time. Basically, the movie is about the elite agents of SHIELD fighting against the super criminals that are increasingly rampaging in the world of ordinary people. The interesting creativity is the highlight of the show, perhaps because it is not too limited in terms of script. The only minus point of the show is probably that it lasted for 7 seasons, distracting viewers and gradually losing its original appeal.

twelfth. The Punisher (2 seasons on Netflix: 2017-2019)


Although The Punisher hasn’t completely succeeded in bringing to the screen one of Marvel’s bloodiest and most violent anti-heroes, at least viewers have felt it. Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle is dark, complex, violent, but still pursues justice decisively. The film is a success for Marvel in exploring more thorny topics. Sadly, the show’s third season was canceled, perhaps because it didn’t fit with Disney’s “family friendly” atmosphere.

11. Echo (1 season on Disney+/Hulu: 2024)


After a dismal 2023 (except for Loki and GOTG 3), the MCU seems to have had a better 2024 with Echo. Besides the title character, the film can be considered a Hawkeye spin-off and stars Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio). Female lead Alaqua Cox took on her role quite well, performing excellently in perfectly choreographed action scenes. The film’s minus point is probably the somewhat supernatural origin of Maya Lopez and her ancestors, making it different from Echo’s street superhero label.​

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