The developer’s heartache: Releasing a dreamlike trailer but gamers only pay attention to… cats

During the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event organized by Sony, Square Enix has released a trailer introducing the story and gameplay for Forspoken – the company’s next blockbuster released on PS5. However, gamers do not care at all about the content, plot or main character of this game but are only curious about… the female lead Frey’s cat.

Pictures of this adorable cat have been widely shared on Twitter in the past few days, accompanied by a series of questions about its fate when owner Frey came to the world of Athia and participated in countless matches. survival. This cat is so viral that Square Enix had to post an explanation about what will happen to it. The developer said this cat’s name is Homer and is a female cat, she will not have any accidents or starve to death while her owner goes on adventures.

However, it seems that cat-loving gamers are still not completely satisfied with this answer, instead they have countless other problems: Will Homer join the adventure with Frey? Will Homer have to stay with a cat sitter or a neighbor? Will he be abused by these people? We won’t have answers to these problems until Forspoken launches in spring 2022.​

Homer – the most loved virtual cat in recent days

In Forspoken, players will play the role of Frey Holland, a young woman who is suddenly transported to the beautiful, mysterious but dangerous world of Athia. Here she must use her magical power to overcome obstacles and try to survive. Forspoken will be released exclusively on PS5.

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