Palworld developer was threatened with being “signed out” for plagiarism

Last week Palworld has caused controversy in the community when there are too many similarities with the famous Pokémon brand Nintendo. Even though the developers claim Palworld is more similar to survival adventure games like Ark Survival Evolved and Valheim than Pokémon, it doesn’t stop there. Some extreme players even sent messages threatening to let the developers “log out” from the Earth server if this problem was not satisfactorily resolved.


Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocket Pair, the studio behind Palworld, said the company is receiving a lot of negative messages targeting the game’s creative team, including death threats. In response to this negative reaction, he affirmed that the game’s design was worked on by many people and he was the one responsible for this process.

“I received many different opinions about Palworld but all products related to Palworld are supervised by many people, including me, and I am responsible for production. I hope you don’t use harsh words towards the developers of Palworld.”

Regarding the issue of Pokémon plagiarism, Mr. Mizobe in a recent interview with Automaton also affirmed: “We develop our games seriously and have absolutely no intention of infringing intellectual property rights.” of other companies.”


Less than a week after launch, 6 million copies of Palworld have been sold. Pocket Pair must be very happy with this unexpected success, but fame always comes with scandal. First is the technical problem because the number of players is too large. Perhaps the developers themselves did not expect Palworld to be so well received, so they were caught off guard. The second is the Pokémon plagiarism scandal as we mentioned above.

Palworld has just launched Early Access, so there’s still a long plan ahead. Updates need to fix the game’s technical issues and provide new content to enhance the experience. After the controversy, it will be interesting to see what Palworld can do to fix the error and retain players long term.

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