Palworld guide: The best Pals should be caught in the early stages of the game

The first stage of Palworld may make players feel difficult, but there are many Pal around the starting island can help you progress quickly, whether in combat, crafting or gathering. After capturing the first Pals, the player’s headquarters will quickly enter the automation phase.


However, with limited resources and slow production means in the early stages of the game, players should consider choosing the best Pals to capture without making themselves feel “overwhelmed”. Here’s a quick guide to the best Pals to catch and tame in the early stages.

The best early Pals in Palworld



Chikipi, Lambball and Cattiva are the first three types of Pal you will find in the game. All three species are mainly used for domestic purposes (especially the Chikipi) and taming them is key to getting your first base up and running. Use Chikipis to make food, Lambballs to make wool, and Cattivas for manual work.

Players should then find and capture Pals that can take on more specific roles. Foxsparks, will be the first Fire-type Pals you find, and they will do a good job of maintaining your campfire and furnace. Meanwhile, Pengullet will help water Berry Plantations, giving you a steady source of food. On the other hand, Lifmunk and Eikthyrdeer can manage Logging Sites, so you’ll never be without wood again.

In terms of combat, you’ll want to get your hands on some Daedreams and Hoocrates. Choose Hoocrates as your primary Pal, then craft a Daedream Necklace so you can take your Daedreams out without having to release them from the Pal Sphere. As Daedreams hover around you, they will attack any target you attack in tandem.


Once firmly established in Palworld, players can find more Pals, with the ability to perform the above tasks more effectively. However, you also need to learn how to take care of these lovely friends if you want them to work at their best. Players can do that by rotating shifts and create equipment like Pal Bed or Hot Spring to keep their Pals healthy and alert.

Where to find Pal


If players are wondering where to find the Pals listed above, don’t worry, as you can encounter all of them on the starting island. After descending to the Plateau of Beginnings, set up a small base and start exploring. The entire area pictured above is filled with randomly spawning Pals, and you’re bound to encounter all of our recommended Pals as you explore the island. It’s worth noting that Hoocrates and Daedream are nocturnal, so if you want to find them, go out at night, dusk or dawn.


Once you have met a Pal at least once, you will be able to check all of that Pal’s known behavior by checking your Paldeck. A very familiar feature for loyal fans of Pokemon.​

  • To see all the places a Pal you’ve encountered can appear, open your Paldeck, then click that Pal.​

  • Then, click the Habitat button above Pal’s 3D model, which will open a world map filled with selected Pal’s spawn locations.​

  • If it says Pal is not working at this time, press the R key or click the sun and moon icon in the lower right.​

GameHub will continue to update other guides about Palword in the near future.​

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