The Awakened King – Remnant 2’s first DLC will arrive in November


Sequel to Souls-like shooter Remnant 2 Ready for the first expansion – The Awakened King on November 17. Developer Gunfire Games recently shared news about the release date through the DLC trailer.

The Awakened King features a completely new, focused storyline One True King, an entity corrupted by Root while in a near-death sleep and now the king will take revenge. Players will uncover the king’s secrets by exploring a new area of ​​Losomn, possibly a castle overlooking the coastal town of Dran, where a series of new dungeons and “unexpected allies” appear. .

In addition, the DLC will also bring new powerful weapons and equipment including modifications, amulets and rings to accompany strange enemies and bosses that have just risen from the depths of the ocean and are now swarming everywhere. And finally there’s the Ritualist, a new class capable of taking advantage of status effects to punish enemies.

The Awakened King is the first of three new content updates for Remnant 2. Gunfire will reveal more information about this DLC closer to its release on November 17. The Awakened King will Launching Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC for $10 USD (about 246,000 VND).


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