Brave Frontier ReXONA – The ultimate JRPG sequel will come to Mobile

After Brave Frontier and Brave Frontier 2Developers Alim recently announced a new name in the same series, which is Brave Frontier ReXONA. The game has an almost completely different appearance compared to the previous two versions. ReXONA switches to 3D graphics while still using landscape view. Brave Frontier ReXONA will launch this summer in Japan.


The combat element in Brave Frontier ReXONA is more similar to action games than the usual turn-based system. However, familiar systems such as Brave Burst remain the same. The adventure in Brave Frontier ReXONA takes place in a location called VOID (Valley Of Imaginary Dungeons), which is a remnant of an ancient disaster.

Other outstanding features of the game include 4 forces (Guild, Order, Force, Family) and housing system. Players can choose one of 40 characters. Will Brave Frontier ReXONA be successful enough to launch in foreign markets? Follow Gamehub to update the latest information about this game!

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