Tet Server – Giap Thin Chicken: Join Gunny Origin to “overcome thousands of difficulties” and receive lucky money in a series of events to celebrate the New Year

Heavy red envelopes and countless attractive in-game gifts are waiting for Gunny Origin gamers to welcome the new year in a series of events to celebrate the new year of Giap Thin.

From February 7, the Gunny Origin community will have the opportunity to receive millions of special lucky money envelopes when participating in the Tieu Ke Hoa Rong event series. This activity is part of the Tet Server event series S163 – Chicken Giap Thin.

Tet Server - Giap Thin Chicken: Join Gunny Origin to

The people of Chicken Island “kicked the wind” past the milestone and received huge lucky money

Tieu Ke Hoa Rong with a series of activities such as Tieu Ke Luyen Cong, Tieu Ke Cross Passage and Tieu Ke Phat Tai. For each event, players will have different but extremely simple ways to participate.

At the Tieu Ke Luyen Cong activity, players only need to visit the event page and log in to their account to receive their turn to open lucky money envelopes. The event is open to all residents of Ga Gin Island, every day you will receive 1 lucky money bag from Ga Gin.

Tet Server - Giap Thin Chicken: Join Gunny Origin to

With each red envelope, players will randomly receive valuable items such as Power Stone*1, Power Stone Fragment*1, Key Coin*300, Key Coin*200, Key Coin*100, Enhancement Stone Lv3*1, Enhancement Stone Lv2*3, Treasure Gift*1. Gunny Origin’s subjects, when diligently opening lucky money envelopes continuously for the 7th, 14th, and 21st times, will in turn immediately receive “super awesome” titles such as Tieu Ke Hoa Dragon, receiving the Dragon Soul Armor Wing Effect. or the extremely unique Tet 2024 chat frame.

Tet Server - Giap Thin Chicken: Join Gunny Origin to

Not stopping there, when joining Tieu Ke Beyond Passage, players “ride the wind and waves” to overcome challenges and collect a lot of “Melon Seeds” items to clean the house together for Tet. When the number of “Melon Seeds” collected by the Gunners reaches the milestone, Ga Gin will give gifts to the entire server. The reward milestones will be 100,000 – 200,000 – 300,000 – 500,000 – 700,000 – 1,000,000 Melon Seeds collected. The reward for completing all milestones will be 100,000 Gold; 50 Pet tickets; 03 Enhancement Stones Lv.4; 100 Treasure Spin Tickets; 1 Power Stone; 01 Giap Thin Red Envelope.

Tet Server - Giap Thin Chicken: Join Gunny Origin to

Welcome the new year, wear new clothes

As part of a series of events to celebrate Server Tet, Gunners will have the opportunity to wear new shirts to travel around Chicken Island with Nhat Binh shirts or create eye-catching matches with the powerful weapon Carp. Players just need to log into the game to receive Wow- Lotus Pond Carp within 7 days to immediately get new skins, weapons and a series of other great gifts such as 30 Enhancement Stones *3, 550,000 Gold, 1 Enhancement Stone* 5 and also Power Stone.

Tet Server - Giap Thin Chicken: Join Gunny Origin to
Tet Server - Giap Thin Chicken: Join Gunny Origin to

The series of events to celebrate the new Server also has many other extremely attractive activities. Players will find it hard to miss activities such as Finding the Carp’s spirit to receive Fire Dragon wings, the Sinful Messenger fashion, or reaching the 50,000 combat power mark to hunt for the purple Uy Chan Bon Phuong card set,…

Not only does it bring a special experience to gamers in the new spring, Gunny Origin also brings players many levels of emotions and joy through overcoming levels and opening red envelopes. Tieu Ke’s journey is persistent, going through missions and then “transforming into a dragon” when receiving valuable rewards only available at Gunny Origin. At the same time, the red and yellow colors in new costumes or on the event page are also has added to the bustling spring picture of the Dao Ga gaming community.

See more information here:

  • Download the game at: https://gunnyorigin.onelink.me/dGuv/PR
  • Home page: http://gunny.zing.vn/
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GunnyOrigin
  • Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gunnyorigin

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