Bought a 70-year-old graphics card and found it hotter than boiling water, causing a panic attack when a strange object was discovered

Although bitcoin is no longer as hot as it was half a year ago, the price Graphics card is still being overpriced quite a bit, partly because of the scarcity of components for production. That’s why the chance to own a “baby” RTX 3090 is quite a rare thing in the PC community, even if you are willing to spend up to 65-70 million VND for a graphics card.

However, a gamer whose nickname on the Reddit forum is Antonyjeweet overcame these difficulties to own a super powerful RTX 3090. Of course, if you spend up to 3,000 USD for a PC component, you will expect a top-notch experience when you bring it home to use. But no, when he successfully installed and turned on the PC, he was shocked to see that his super graphics card had a temperature of up to 110 degrees Celsius.


For those readers who don’t know, the graphics card in the idle state will only have a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, if the card is under heavy load or full load with a decent cooling system ( which any gamer using a high-end graphics card must have), the temperature is only around 60-70 degrees Celsius. Even if the cooling system is mid-range, the temperature can only reach 80-90 degrees Celsius. After just a few minutes of use, the card’s temperature shot up to 110 degrees Celsius, a nightmare for anyone who spends up to 3,000 USD on a technology product.

Guessing that there must be something wrong with the graphics card’s cooling system, Antonyjeweet immediately opened the RTX 3090, even though this would void the warranty. What’s worth mentioning is that when he separated the cooling system from the chip surface, he discovered a… finger covering right in the middle of the thermal paste. It’s easy to see that this is the culprit that prevents the thermal paste from contacting the GPU and cooling system, causing the RTX 3090 to be pushed up to 110 degrees Celsius.


Although the above gamer’s act of dismantling the graphics card himself caused the RTX 3090 to lose its warranty, knowing that this was his fault Nvidia decided to “specialize” if he still wanted to replace it. Also to explain why that finger sleeve appears in the cooling system, we need to know that the production of Graphics Cards is facing many difficulties. It is no longer uncommon for manufacturing factories to force workers to work overtime to meet demand.

Because of this, errors also appear more often, such as workers dropping gloves while checking or applying thermal paste. This also does not happen with Nvidia alone. AMD Not long ago, there was a case of forgetting to peel off the sticker on the surface of the thermal paste, causing the card temperature to increase noticeably.

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