Tencent is developing a mobile version of the “phenomenon” Palworld?

Launched in February this year, it quickly became a “phenomenon” in the world of gaming, reaching a peak of 2 million concurrent players on Steam and bringing resounding success to the developer. Pocketpair. Although the current heat of Palworld has been reduced, but that is enough for the game to receive the attention of many other developers.

Bloomberg reported that 2 studios of Tencent To be Timi and Lightspeed is said to be developing mobile titles similar to Palworld. This mobile version promises to recreate the elements that made Palworld successful such as virtual creatures, creature creation mechanisms and violent style with bright graphics.


The developer is behind Call of Duty Mobile – Timi, has started recruiting staff for his new game. According to the announcement, they are looking for Unreal Engine programmers, 3D artists, and combat designers to build a “fantasy adventure world with a cast of cute pets.” Meanwhile, Lightspeed has transferred developers from other games to the project Palworld Mobile.

According to Bloomberg, Tencent chose Palworld with the desire to recreate the success of Honor of Kings (international version of Lien Quan Mobile), thereby boosting the company’s revenue. During this time, the company is also investing in Nexon Co.’s Duneons & Fighter Mobile. However, Nexon is a third-party developer, and the Chinese developer wants an internal breakthrough to create more profits.

Temporarily, there has not been any official announcement regarding the mobile versions of Palworld. GameHub will continue to update readers with the latest information as soon as the project is announced.​

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