Bulma’s super motorbike in “Dragon Ball” has now appeared in real life

Honda has just introduced a special edition Honda Monkey 125 with upgraded appearance based on the character’s Variable no.19 model. Bulma in manga legendary Dragon Ball, promises to please anime fans. The car model was meticulously crafted by two Japanese and Thai artisans from the car tuning company Ganesha Custom to be as similar to the prototype as possible, especially the front fairing. In addition, details such as the saddle, fenders, etc. are also made entirely by hand.​


Not stopping there, this model is also equipped with a 500cc engine, maximum capacity of 78 horsepower. Therefore, the highest speed this car can reach is 280km/h. However, this car version will not be able to “transform” with 3 modes like in the manga. And the position of the vehicle’s two machine guns has now been replaced by a support light cluster.

Currently this car model is on sale for 1 million 595 thousand yen, equivalent to about 265 million Vietnamese dong. A pretty reasonable price for die-hard fans who want to flirt with idols, right?

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