Amazon reveals first scenes from Fallout TV Series

Amazon shared a clip from the TV series Fallout upcoming movie, giving us a better look at the three main characters. This scene depicts the confrontation between our Vault Dweller, Lucy, and a character known as The Ghoul before being captured by the Brotherhood of Steel in the series. Power Armor prevent.

This is the first scene shared by Amazon alongside the trailers, and may be the first time the main trio meet in the story. The scene seems to take place in a settlement reminiscent of the various towns we find in Fallout 3especially Megaton.

However, the most exciting part for fans of the game will be seeing the Power Armor in action. Although the footage stops before the actual fight begins, we can see that it is kept as depicted in Bethesda’s games, while also giving its wearer – presumably Maximus in this case – a voice that sounds much more “dangerous” and sharper.


We also get to see how the Vault Dwellers are depicted in the movie. They were completely naive and unprepared to face the desolate and brutal world outside the Vault. In the scene, Lucy appears to be acting out a rehearsed script, possibly taught by Vault-Tec, on how to “cool down” a confrontation. But of course, it’s funny. This is an aspect rarely mentioned by Fallout games that the movie can explore, because in the game, the only Vault Dweller we are exposed to is the character we control.​


Of course, this clip doesn’t tell us anything about the main story, which the writers are keeping under wraps for now. However, they said that some story elements had to be removed because Bethesda wanted to keep it Fallout 5. One of the showrunners, Graham Wagner, also confirmed that Bethesda has told them some details about Fallout 5, and that there will be no crossover at all. Also, don’t expect Fallout 5 to launch anytime soon, as it won’t appear until after The Elder Scrolls 6 is released. When will The Elder Scrolls 6 appear? Only God knows the answer.

Amazon will likely share more clips before the show premieres, which is expected on April 11. All eight episodes in the first season will be released at once on Amazon Prime.

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