Tan Thien Long Mobile: Thien Long, Cai Bang “wear new clothes” in the new version to celebrate their 5th birthday

Thien Long responded when the gangsters fought, personally creating Thien Cong, Illusionary Ghosts and many other features that were officially launched to the Tan Thien Long Mobile player community. These interesting updates are all available in the new version Chan Menh Thien Long.

Chan Menh Thien Long is the first update in 2024, the game Tan Thien Long Mobile has been carefully and diligently prepared to create a grand opening for players. Tan Thien Long Mobile’s Board of Directors always strives to create new and exciting experiences for the gaming community that has been with us for the past 5 years.

Officially getting your hands on the new version from February 28, 2024, Chan Menh Thien Long brings updates on new features as well as constantly upgrading sects. Gamers will experience countless updates such as: the new return of the Thien Long and Cai Bang sects, Illusion of Ghosts or participating in the Water Lao Reappearance activity,…

Tan Thien Long Mobile: Thien Long, Cai Bang

Thien Long and Cai Bang sects upgrade comprehensive martial arts

In the new version of True Destiny Thien Long, the Thien Long and Cai Bang sects have been completely upgraded from skills to strength. Thien Long Tu Martial Arts has had its skill effects adjusted when pointing Hero Pho with explosive damage. Or Tam Duong Khai Thai will help Thien Long increase his immunity to control effects, or increase his ability to deal damage and take damage up to 80% with the skills Van Nhac Trieu Tong and Bat Mon Hoa.

In addition, Tan Thien Long Mobile not only favors upgrading the sect but also opens up a new Thien Long storyline. Players have the opportunity to experience interesting things in Thien Long Story and mysteries in Dali country.

Tan Thien Long Mobile: Thien Long, Cai Bang

Cai Bang masters are known to have more strength the more they fight, and when their lives are in danger, their martial arts are promoted to the ultimate level. Cai Bang disciples are good at hand-to-hand combat, and at the same time dodge close attacks very quickly. Now, they also wear new clothes with improved resistance and damage abilities. Skills like Bong Da Cau will be able to charge 2 levels of energy and be free from control for a short time, Hoanh Tao Can Khon will help gamers perform skills that will include damage or Optimize toxicity to cause more damage. According to the number of floors poisoned, counterattack.

Tan Thien Long Mobile: Thien Long, Cai Bang

Craft Thien Cong – Enhance strength, open Huyen Co

The Thien Cong Crafting activity was launched to help gamers have the best equipment to freely practice and easily enter fierce battles. Creating Thien Cong will help gamers gain more rare attributes and significantly increase their strength thanks to this type of equipment.

Tan Thien Long Mobile: Thien Long, Cai Bang

To be able to create Thien Cong, players need to have more than 231 days of opening the server and from level 69 or higher, gamers must complete the prerequisite task to enter the production of this 1-0-2 equipment.

Each time you create Thien Cong, you need to wear defensive equipment or equipment with level 60 or higher. The more Thien Cong special skills you have, the equipment will have higher properties and the probability of higher quality special skills will also be higher. At the same time, players can also go to Lac Duong – Kim Thach Nhai to pass on inheritance to easily convert attributes and special skills to target equipment for Thien Cong.

Tien Trang Shop – Feel free to search for items

In this update, Dien Trang Shop will definitely bring players countless interesting shopping experiences. Dien Trang Shop, just like Silver Shop or Mystic Shop, will help people easily find items such as Stone Talisman, Illusion Gems, and the most special thing is that players can use Gold to exchange for pages. this precious thing. In Tien Trang, gamers can exchange Nguyen Bao into Gold, and can also use Gold to exchange for reserved Nguyen Bao.

Tan Thien Long Mobile: Thien Long, Cai Bang

At the same time, players can participate in the Thuy Lao team activity to help suppress prisoners who open the prison door and want to escape. The mission will be completed when the team suppresses 3 prisoners. During the activity, players remember to collect Coins to go to Tien Trang Shop to receive items such as Can Cot Don, Pearl Animal Noi Don, Five-Colored Stone and especially can exchange for Reserve Treasure.

Also in the new version of Chan Menh Thien Long, players can also experience features such as Ghost Image through the Bich Linh Show mission, or newly updated features such as Khinh Cong, Chan Vo Triet Ngo , explore the new map Linh Chau and many other activities.

Tan Thien Long Mobile: Thien Long, Cai Bang

All updates were released today and promise to significantly increase the gaming experience of Tan Thien Long Mobile employees. The journey of wandering around the world is even more challenging, and the reward is also extremely generous. In addition to new feature updates, now gamers can also immediately participate in 5th birthday events with the Opening Chest to receive fortune activity at Chan Menh Thien Long – 5 Years of Memories.

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