Lara Croft takes on a new look in the next Tomb Raider game


First official pictures arrive Lara Croft in game Tomb Raider The next one is out and it’s a fun throwback. Tomb Raider is one of the most successful action-adventure game franchises in the gaming industry and its sequels, Tomb Raider Nextwill give Lara Croft one new face.

Nearly 30 years after the first game, Lara Croft is returning once again with a brand new Tomb Raider. Lara Croft is one of the most famous female characters in gaming history and is also the main character of the three Tomb Raider trilogy of games separate and many other games since the franchise’s inception in 1996. There have been many different versions of Lara Croft over the years, but her appearance in the first trilogy of games is iconic. most iconic and notable for many fans of the tomb raider series.


Developers Crystal Dynamics shared a completely new look for Lara Croft, combining the original look with the changed appearance from the game trilogy Survivor. While the next Tomb Raider game remains a mystery, this official image teases a new and exciting chapter for Lara Croft. The image was revealed on February 14, on Lara Croft’s birthday, via Tomb Raider website new.

Lara Croft is still wearing her signature teal tank top and brown shorts and holding two pistols in her hands. If the Survivor trilogy focused on Lara Croft’s ability to use a bow, then Tomb Raider Next will bring back the female archaeologist’s two iconic pistols. This is exciting news for many longtime fans. After a series of reboots, Tomb Raider Next is the next big chapter in the series and this first look at the game shows that Crystal Dynamics is looking to combine both the classic and modern aspects of Lara Croft.

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