PUBG and Baby Shark – A unique combination

PUBG has become one of the biggest success stories in the video game industry and at the same time shaped the game genre that is currently taking the market by storm. This game has also become increasingly strange since its launch. Both the PC and Mobile versions of PUBG have had many unique crossovers over the years. But surely PUBG’s upcoming crossover will make all players “fall back”.


Baby Shark is a song that has nearly 10 billion views on Youtube. Its melody makes every child dance and is also an obsession for adults. PUBG Mobile is organizing an event around this song. Event “Dance with Baby Shark” starts October 24 and runs through November 7. Players can collect Baby Shark tokens by logging in daily or playing with friends. Tokens can buy emotes, outfits, frying pan skin and Baby Shark themed background music.​

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