Takademy League Master AOV day 2: Team Ho Long Stream jubilantly launched

Takademy League Master AOV day 2 marked an extremely impressive performance of the Ho Long team Streamer against strong opponents like team DK Monkey or team Leona NS. Entering the first game, Ho Long’s team was not at all afraid of having to face streamer DK Khi’s team – an extremely strong opponent and no team wanted to face it early.


Disciplined fighting style and the ability to handle well in a narrow range are the keys to the worthy victories of the Ho Long Streamer team. It seemed like they practiced very hard when they found out their team was chosen to compete.

A perfect result, 2-0 is what the audience saw in the match between Ho Long and DK Monkey. Therefore, in the next match with team Leona NS, team DK Monkey cannot lose if they do not want to stop.


But the difference in level between the two teams solved all problems when Leona NS’s squad could not resist the opponent’s strength. Thereby, helping the representative of the DK Monkey fan community continue to raise their hope to continue.

Meeting team Ho Long Streamer in the final match and with the performance of both in the first matches, fans probably thought of a bad scenario for team Leona NS. Despite playing with the highest determination, Leona NS’s team could not get a victory and sadly left without any honorable points.


The Takademy League Master AOV tournament officially entered the knockout round with 4 excellent names, representing 4 streamer fan communities: DK Monkey, Ho Long Streamer, Long Ca, Mr. Ma.


The next round of Takademy League Master AOV – SS1 will continue at 3:00 p.m. on August 4 with an epic match between the team of DK Monkey and Anh Ma, promising to bring many surprises to the audience.

The tournament is broadcast and organized by Takademy

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