Metal Slug National Championship: Revealing the identities of the four Southern representatives entering the National Finals

On December 10, nearly 100 gamers Metal Slug: Awakening was present at Tinh Te Coffee (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) – where the Southern Qualifying Round of the Metal Slug: Awakening Vietnam National Championship took place – Metal Slug National Championship (MSNC).

Metal Slug National Championship is the first eSports tournament for the Run ‘n Gun game series in Vietnam.

After 8 hours of intense competition filled with laughter, the first names to advance to the MSNC Finals have been determined. The 12 best Commanders from these 4 teams will represent the Metal Slug: Awakening Southern gaming community to compete in the National Finals in Hanoi on December 24, 2023. The remaining opponents in the Final Round will also be determined soon in the Northern Qualifier – taking place at OEG Stadium (Hanoi) on December 16, 2023.

According to the official competition results from the Organizing Committee, the Top Legion team successfully became the champion of the Southern Qualifier with 05 wins. Following closely is Out Trinh with 4 consecutive wins. The remaining two competitors advancing to the Finals are ROG LEVIATHAN and SPEARHEAD SQUADRON.

December 16, Metal Slug: Awakening community The North will have the opportunity to do their best at the Northern Qualifiers, taking place at OEG Stadium (459 Bach Mai Street, Truong Dinh, Hai Ba Trung). According to the latest announcement from the MSNC Organizing Committee, the registration time to participate in the Northern Qualifier will be extended until December 14, 2023. Right now, gamers still have the opportunity to add their names to the competition list to win prizes up to 100 million VND.​

Official competition time and location of the Metal Slug National Championship in Hanoi

Metal Slug National Championship (MSNC) is the first national championship of the game Metal Slug: Awakening. This is also the first time an e-sports tournament dedicated to the Run ‘n Gun genre is held in Vietnam. With a total prize of up to 100 million VND, the National Champion will receive a reward of 30,000,000 VND. The two Top 1 teams in the region will also receive a gift worth 10,000,000 each. Besides, there are many other exclusive gifts and artifacts from Metal Slug: Awakening.

More specifically, MSNC viewers also have the opportunity to immediately receive a series of gifts from this game when they come to watch live at the competition venue or watch via livestream on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok platforms.

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