Lies of P plot: The final boss gradually reveals itself (Part 2)

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Chapter 5

After receiving information about the undead at the church, Sophia asks P to investigate the neighboring Malum District, fearing that the survivors there are also under siege by new enemies. Around this time, P was also given an Ergo Decoder by Venigni, which allowed him to detect any connections between enemy puppets. Malum District turns out to be under the control of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, a group of mercenaries said to only follow their own principles.


After fighting and defeating the leader of the guild, P found evidence that they were working for the Alchemists. In the guild’s base there is also a path leading to the Gold Coin Fruit Tree, where Giangio is already there, and a portrait with a picture of a boy identical to P. If the portrait is returned to Geppetto, he will will admit that it is Carlo, his deceased son, and the model for him to create P.

Chapter 6

After the zombie threat subsides, P can move to Rosa Isabelle Street, where Puppet King, P’s next target, is stationed. On the street, P is attacked by the White Lady, a mercenary driven mad by grief over the loss of Adelina, her sister whom she believes was killed by puppets.


After being forced to kill her, P discovered Adelina at the Estella Opera House down the street. She revealed that she was the one who sabotaged her sister’s career so she wouldn’t have to share the spotlight, and soon died of petrification.

The Opera House is also the residence of the Puppet King. Before entering the battle with P, it performed a play showing a puppet resembling P having its heart taken by a character who appeared to be Geppetto and transferred to a new puppet. Puppet King then seemed to want to cooperate, but P flatly refused, and a fight broke out. In the second phase, the Puppet King’s giant shell explodes, revealing inside a burned-out humanoid puppet named Romeo. After many hardships, P finally won.


Chapter 7

Geppetto greets P outside the Opera House and congratulates him on his victory, but then orders P to find the Alchemists, who announce that they have found a cure for petrification. P must find a way past the puppets, who are more passive as they mourn the death of their king, to reach the Lorenzini Arcade, filled with powerful mutant undead.

After passing through the maze, P entered the Grand Exhibition Hall, a location that was supposed to showcase Ergo’s developments to the world, before the Puppet Frenzy disaster occurred. After freeing Belle, a survivor hiding from puppets and zombies in the exhibition hall, P heads to the arena, where he faces Champion Victor. Victor is an extremely famous fighter in Krat, once seriously ill and thought to have died, then was revived thanks to the Ergo mutation by the Alchemists.


Even though he won, P was not the one who gave the finishing blow to Victor, but it was Laxasia, Simon Manus’s powerful henchman. Manus is the current leader of the Alchemists and the mysterious figure who appeared at the end of Chapter 4. Manus reveals to P that Ergo is the crystallized form of the human soul, and thus it is the source of energy. effective for puppets.


The cause of the petrification and mutation disease was also because the Experimental Alchemists Ergo and Manus believed that it was the next step in human evolution. P must then chase Manus to the Isle of Alchemists to prevent further bad things from happening.


Chapter 8

Around this time, Antonia’s petrification worsened, and with a plea from Polendina, P was able to work with Giangio to make medicine for her using the Gold Coin Fruit. By doing so, the player will be able to extend Antonia’s lifespan a bit, and contribute to the development of P’s humanity.


Returning to the main plot, the only way to follow Manus to the Isle of Alchemists is to use a vehicle built by Venigni, but it requires a lost piece of golden Ergo for fuel. The last location where that piece of Ergo was seen was Barren Swamp, a landfill filled with broken puppets. The Ergo piece is later found but is guarded by a mutant monster that uses the puppet pieces as armor. P kills the monster and gets the golden Ergo piece.


Chapter 9

With the golden Ergo piece, P would have been ready to go to the Island, but he received a distress signal from Sophia that the Hotel was under attack. On the way back through Krat Central Station, where the game begins, P realizes that the streets have now transformed due to Ergo pollution and the number of zombies has increased rapidly.

Upon returning and defeating the mutant version of the Parade Master, P discovered the hotel had been destroyed. Geppetto was kidnapped by Alidoro, who betrayed the hotel, along with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, all of whom were hired by the Alchemists.

After meeting again, Sophia revealed her identity to P for the first time, and that the Sophia we had been communicating with until now was just a projection. She reveals that she is a Listener, someone with the ability to listen to and control Ergo, which is why she was able to use Ergo to save P and strengthen him. The reason Sophia woke P up was not to save Krat but to save herself.


P is then shown by Antonia the secret path underneath the hotel that leads to the Isle of Alchemists.

(To be continued)

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