Sword World Origin: How to increase Minh Giao Sword skill

Let’s see how to increase the Ming Giao Kiem skill points to maximize this sect’s damage. Suitable for brothers to PK in all arenas.

Minh Giao is a Wood-type sect divided into two branches: Minh Giao Sword and Minh Giao Chuy. The newly edited MGK increases its power and has extremely high attack power. However, to maximize the power of Minh Giao Kiem, you need to increase the right skills otherwise it will be very ‘waste’. Below is a style. Tanks are being used by many top combat forces.

Sword World Origin: How to increase Minh Giao Sword skill
Intelligent teachers

How to increase Ming Giao Sword skill points

Wood System – Internal Cong

Move 1: All Things Sentence Part

From the target position, fire rings are released to burn nearby enemies -> You should increase 1 level

Move 2: Holy Fire of the Heart

Cast Yin Flower to continuously attack the target. When using this move, it burns the enemy very strongly, you should increase your score by 1 level.

Move 3: Thu Thien Hoan Nhat

Attacks the enemy in a small range and causes the enemy to lose internal energy, while at the same time restoring health and internal energy. You should increase your score by 1 level, if competing in a sect, increase it by 10 levels.

Move 4: Can Khon Dai Na Di

Dispels many enemy support statuses, then cannot receive the dispelled statuses and has a chance to avoid support skills, skills with a certain success rate. Brothers increased 1 floor.

Ultimate move: Holy Fire Lieu Nguyen

Many holy fires fall from the sky to attack enemies in a large range. Increase max floors.

Passive skills

Minh Giao Sword Technique: Increase sword weapon attack ability -> Increase max points

Flying Wing Body Dharma: Increases own running speed and stun resistance -> Increases by 1 level

Di Qi Phieu Tung: Has a chance to completely avoid internal attack attacks -> Increases to max immediately after learning.

Lying Fire Dafa: Increases attack effectiveness rate, enhances evasion bypass and critical damage -> Increases by 1 level or increases to max.

Holy Fire Divine Art: Comprehensively increase the combat ability of the sword system -> Should increase max points

Hoang Hoa Ngoc Phan: Increase own attack -> Should increase to max.

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