I’m counting to 6 – Count to 6, the ghost will come looking for you

It suddenly became foggy. At this time of year, the sun should still be overhead. Instead, the road taking you home is covered in a hazy fog, erasing anything beyond the range of the car’s headlights. That’s why it was too late when you saw the tree branch falling in front of you, only to be startled and press the brake pedal in the last seconds.

The car was smoking, the headlights were flashing continuously, one side was damaged and the other was intact. Looking around, your eyes caught the dim light of a wooden house. A village or a town? You ask yourself, thinking that in the midst of misfortune, there must also be a blessing in that you can walk right there.​


Crossing the muddy road to the house, you knock on the door. At first glance around, this is the only house with lights on, surrounded by an empty garden. In the distance there are also a few other houses, but the only thing that exists is silence and the faint silhouettes of wood under the moon. You knock again, no one answers.

But just a split second later, the sound of someone groaning suddenly rang out in the quiet space, as if whispering a spell through a noisy radio. Immediately afterwards, the sound of screams rang out throughout the village, bringing excruciating pain as if being tortured. Thoughts of your luck instantly disappeared, fear choking your mind. What’s going on? Should I leave? And then lose the opportunity to ask for help? Or continue? Luckily, I was able to meet someone who asked me clearly about the situation? But there is one thing that is so obvious that you deliberately do not understand. Things can only get worse from this moment on…​


I’m counting to 6, title horror game newly released in early 2024, taking players into the role of an unfortunate driver who gets into an accident on the road. Whether by accident or by some force, he encountered an accident near an abandoned village. Thinking he had a chance to be saved, he soon realized that this village was not what he thought.

I’m Counting to 6 impresses gamers with extremely modern graphics, showing a breathtakingly dark and spooky scene. It is no exaggeration to say that I’m counting to 6 has image quality no less than the blockbuster Triple A of Resident Evil or Silent Hill.​


There players will grope in the dark night, trying to piece together the evil events of the past and find a way out for themselves. Here you discover that a demonic child has grown up in this village. But perhaps because of the different appearance, the people in the village were discriminatory and harsh towards the baby, not knowing that it actually had the power to make even the devil jealous. Until it was too late, all the villagers died on the spot.

If you want to uncover the mystery behind this baby and this ghostly village, welcome I’m counting to 6.

Readers can download I’m counting to 6 at: LINK

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