Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League – A new history of martial arts in the 4.0 era

Taking place from September 26 – August 30, 2021, Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League includes 2 rounds with 30 teams divided into 3 groups, participating in round-robin matches. At the end of the group stage, the 20 teams with the best results will win the right to participate in the final day, continuing to compete to find the best team to be crowned champion.

With the companionship of sponsor Decumar, Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League has a total prize value of nearly 140 million VND. That’s why the rewards for high-ranking teams are extremely valuable. Not only that, in addition to the main content of competing in the standard Survival format, Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League also offers another attractive content that cannot be missed, Showmatch Solo. This is a format that allows Creators to show off their personal skills and find the heroic swordsman of the Naraka community. At the same time, the tournament also creates a playground to connect with the audience through prediction events on the sidelines, giving the audience the opportunity to approach and interact closer with the tournament, not just mere viewers.


According to the format of the tournament, 20 teams with the best achievements will be present on the final day to find the “master of martial arts”. In the group stage, with excellence and superiority in almost every aspect, Always Drop Weapon had an extremely impressive performance and affirmed themselves as the number one candidate for the championship. Some people even asserted that the throne was firmly in the Captain’s hands TV Bear and teammates. Other opposing forces can only compete for the runner-up position.


However, on the day of the final competition, Kevin Gaming With the explosion of all 3 members, they completely transformed, defeated Always Drop Weapon and won the first Top 1 of the final day. Following that explosion, Kevin Gaming, with the surprising excellence and sublimation of the entire Team, consecutively had 2 top 1s on the final day and temporarily topped the rankings.

But the good drama is still behind, surprisingly the final match is still ahead. It seemed like the name Always Drop Weapon would wake up after the first two matches to regain its destructive form, but Manh Long Moonbane turned his eyes to another team. Team Game Entertainment (TGE) with the timely speaking up and excellent performance of its captain Dr.Ichalong with the surprising presence on the final day of RIP113, the King’s call seemed to have been sounded. In the group stage, TGE only held 6th place with an unimpressive performance, then in the finals TGE rang a completely different bell.

Behind this reversal of the game is probably an extremely profound calculation by TGE. Simply because in the group stage, people rarely see the presence of RIP113 in the squad. In the registration list, RIP113 is only in the reserve position. But in the finals, this team started to play their trump card RIP113, immediately creating an overwhelming effect on the remaining teams and getting one step closer to the championship. And with RIP113’s extensive experience, along with the “team calling” ability of “Ich”, TGE had a spectacular comeback with a non-stop attack from the east to the north, earning points for their team. extremely valuable. From here, the audience witnessed an extremely tense score comparison between TGE and Kevin Gaming. Both sides were two surprises, both sides were two teams that played extremely well and the score gap was too small to predict who would be the real champion.

But the turning point also came in the final round, RIP113 with his extensive experience and the excellence of his two teammates, Dr.Ích and Divine Root has continuously captured beneficial areas within the circle. With good coordination and top handling skills, they in turn defeated their competitors, especially Kevin Gaming, to officially break through to win. When the game screen announced the name of the last surviving Team, it was finally time for Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League to officially find the champion.

The championship is completely deserved for TGE as they have an extremely quality squad with the experience of RIP113 and the excellence of Dr Ich and Ro Than. Above all, being tactically acumen and knowing how to deploy at the right time is also a very important move in TGE’s victory. It’s a bit unfortunate for Kevin Gaming because they played extremely explosively on the final day and came very close to winning the championship. However, a stumble in the last minutes caused them to only stop at runner-up position.

With the explosion of the two teams mentioned above on the final day, plus the loss of their destructive form in the group stage, Always Drop Weapon had to settle for 3rd place. This will be a valuable lesson. Treat TV Bear and his teammates so they can understand how important it is to maintain stable performance. Captain Thai Linn and teammates in team Lucky Man also had a tournament that could be said to be successful with what they showed. Ranking 2nd on the overall scoreboard of the group stage and finishing in 4th place overall is considered worthy of Thai Linn’s Team.​

Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League is one of the largest community tournaments in the e-sports industry in 2021. OTA Esports Organized and organized, the tournament is also accompanied by the main sponsor, Decumar, the leading specialized care brand for acne-prone skin in Vietnam, belonging to CVI Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. Gathering up to 30 large and small teams to compete, Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League has brought the most attractive, high-quality spiritual meals and the most fierce battles.

Naraka: Bladepoint Creators League – Where proficiency is the only thing recognized.
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