Super Spring 2024 Update from VNG Fashion Stars officially launched

Considered one of the classic fashion games on mobile, VNG Fashion Star always brings fresh breeze to players who love this genre. Spring 2024 Super Update is a great opportunity for VNG Fashion Star gamers to own 4 special outfits symbolizing the beauty of the 4 seasons of the year. Thus, from January 26, players can immerse themselves in the vibrant festival atmosphere, refurbishing their wardrobes with the spirit of “beautiful all year round”.


The four seasons converge in Four Times and Paintings

In the atmosphere of Tet, spring has come, VNG Fashion Stars community will participate in true Tet shopping when participating in the Spring 2024 Super Update event. With the theme of Four Times of Painting, this super update brings the opportunity to look beautiful all year round for VNG Fashion Star gamers, every time. The carvings are all gorgeous as if they came out of a fresco.

“January is the month of entertainment” so the first outfit of the year also has a fresh, leisure style called Spring Travel Tho Mong. Accompanying accessories such as hats, handbags and gloves will add elegance points to players at corresponding competition events. Following spring, the super product Dang Tien Thanh Thoat will be worn on a cool, moonlit summer night. The outfit seems to bring the feeling of entering a fairy world, the Jade Rabbit mascot adds a mysterious and sparkling look, suitable for competitions based on cute and dynamic attributes.

Spring Travel Tho Mong with a ladylike style, decorated with many gentle flowers and leaves of spring.

“Ethereal Fairy Shape” with cool tones, eliminating the inherent heat of summer

“Thinh Yen Autumn” is the third outfit in the collection, the highlight is that there are many sparkling jewelry included, creating a luxurious and feminine look. Finally, “Snow Covered Winter Night” with chiffon, feathers and bright sword will conclude the collection at the beginning of the year, raising points for the character’s elegant and noble attributes. Despite the distinct beauty of the four seasons, VNG Fashion Star players should still flexibly choose the most useful outfit for themselves in events and competitions.​

Like a party full of sweet gifts, “Thinh Yen Autumn” quickly brings a feeling of attraction to gamers.

“Snow Covered Winter Night” with a warrior style, reminiscent of the fairy tale about the strong and powerful Snow Queen

Accumulate quickly, receive a new collection immediately

Each accessory in each outfit requires VNG Fashion Star players to diligently accumulate Linh Te Mirror items and participate in activities. To get the desired number of Linh Te Mirrors, gamers can receive them in many ways such as exchanging for diamonds, accumulating the number of logins to receive Linh Te Mirrors or through other corresponding activities.


Based on the amount of Linh Te Mirror accumulated, gamers continue to go to the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Landscape section to find the corresponding item in the outfit they want. Just like that, players need to carefully calculate the collection steps to quickly complete the outfit in the Spring 2024 Super Update. It is known that the event also brings the special effect costume Dreamy Smoke Cloud to players. Hunting for rare four-season outfits and owning unique effect outfits from VNG Fashion Stars.


The Spring 2024 Super Update, also known by the community as “Big Tet”, will take place from January 26 to February 10. Right now, VNG Fashion Stars players can access the game, join Co Lau Yen Banquet to enter the event area that is taking place very excitingly. VNG Fashion Star has prepared many surprises for the gaming community, full of fun challenges and generous gifts, hoping to bring an exciting year-end, capturing many memorable moments. memorable moment.

VNG Fashion Star (Miracle Nikki) – Creativity to Become a Talented Stylist​

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