Vo Lam 102: Listen to the stories of outstanding female contestants in the Final race

Vo Lam 102, the epic talent and beauty contest organized by VNG Publisher, is reaching its final stage before finding the winners of the Champion titles. In more than a month since the start, the contestants participating in Vo Lam 102 have left many impressions on the gaming community. Martial Arts Legend Mobile and Martial Arts Legend 1 Mobile. Recently GameHub had the fortunate opportunity to chat with three contestants Tieu Muoi, Thirteen Sister and ONE-TEA. They are all potential faces in Phase 2 – Round 3. Let’s listen to them with GameHub to understand more about their feelings when participating in this playground.

Tieu Muoi, Thirteen Sister and ONE-TEA are all outstanding contestants of Vo Lam 102

Talking about Vo Lam 102, all 3 of our female contestants agreed that this is an extremely interesting contest and of course equally attractive with a “block” of quality rewards.

With Tieu-Muoi – the beautiful girl from S765’s server Vo Lam Truyen Ky game Mobile – Vo Lam 102 is also an opportunity for the gaming community to get closer and closer together: “I feel that Vo Lam 102 is a competition that helps bring gamers from different servers together. From people I don’t know and have never talked to, but through this contest, I have learned and made many new friends from all servers.”

For Tieu-Muoi, Vo Lam 102 is a bridge connecting the gaming community

Meanwhile, for Sister-Muoi-Three, a lovely female gamer who has participated in many VNG competitions, Vo Lam 102 is the place that helps her clearly feel the love that her friends in the game or other members share. Guild for me: “When I signed up for the program, I didn’t think I would be in the Top 10. I received a lot of encouragement and support from my brothers in the Bang at Server 7. I want to send Thank you to the brothers in Bang Tinh-S7, especially the Bang Leader and the Elders who have supported and encouraged me a lot.”

Participating in the contest, Sister-Thirteen received the support of many friends in the game

This is certainly what publisher VNG wanted to see when deciding to organize Vo Lam 102 as well as many other competitions for gamers. Events like this have contributed to building community and increasing player engagement of game titles over the years.

And the “historical goddess” of Vo Lam 102 – ONE-TEA contestant – said she has always favored VNG’s games for more than a decade. Although she is quite busy with her position as Deputy Director of Viet International Communications Company, she still takes the time to stand side by side with her brothers and sisters in the State:

“Actually, I have been attached to VNG games for 12 years because all the games have good activities, beautiful graphics and give me the opportunity to meet a lot of friends. The first game I played was Kiem The released in 2009. Later, I played Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile for 4 years and then switched to Perfect World. Currently playing Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile. I chose this game series because of the exciting and engaging PK activities.”

Even though it’s very busy, ONE-TEA still takes time to enjoy moments of relaxation
with fellow believers in the game

Not only did our contestants share their feelings about the contest, they also made predictions about the best candidate for the Champion title. Despite having good results in Stage 1, Round 3, both Thirteen Sister and ONE-TEA believe that contestant Bé_Heo is currently their strongest opponent.

ONE-TEA said she speculates that Baby-Heo has the potential to become Champion because “she’s cute and talented. Even Sister-Thirteen did not hesitate to send compliments to her opponent: “Right from Round 1, I was really impressed with S3’s Be-Heo in terms of beauty and willingness to play, to the point that the guys in the Bang even said that if I didn’t compete, we would vote for Be_Heo too. And I think Be_Heo is very worthy to become the Champion of this competition.”

Baby_Heo – Strong rival of Sister-Thirteen and ONE-TEA

However, it must be said that all the contestants participating in the finals of Vo Lam 102 have both talent and beauty, so it is still a mystery whose hands the “crown” will fall into. Phase 2 – Round 3 started at 10:00 a.m. on September 22 and ended at 11:59 p.m. on September 27. In this decisive race, contestants not only compete with talented photos and videos like previous rounds, but also record short videos, answering special questions from the Organizing Committee.

The contestant’s score will still be calculated based on 3 criteria: Heart 102, votes (Like + Comment) on the entry on the Fanpage with the condition that the comment must have the hashtag #volam102 and finally the score from the Jury. . The Four Champions, consisting of 1 male and 1 female from each game, will be determined immediately after Phase 2 ends. So please vote for Tieu Muoi, ONE-TEA, Thirteen Sister as well as your favorite contestants both in the game and on the fanpage to help those who deserve to reach the top position of the contest. this year.

Find out detailed information about Vo Lam 102 at: https://volam102.zing.vn/

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