Linh Ngoc Dam confided to fans when asked “should I go to college?”, causing everyone to nod

“Is college the only path to success?” is always a hotly discussed topic, especially by young people of the Gen Z generation. Many people think that without going to college or dropping out of college, they can still achieve their goals and be successful. out, especially when looking at Streamers, gamers,… – Jobs that are considered light jobs with high salaries.


But is that true? A fan recently went to the famous female streamer’s personal Instagram Linh Ngoc Dam to find the answer. And the answer of Dam Tong causing everyone to nod in approval after hearing it.


Specifically, when fans asked the question “Do you think we should go to college?”, Dam Tong opened up and expressed his thoughts as follows:

It is known that before becoming a Streamer with a remarkable career and active business activities, Linh Ngoc Dam was a student studying at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Hanoi National University. Noi. Surely from her own rich experience, she can confidently give such an answer to fans.


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