Filming a movie secretly in a theater, a 50-year-old Conan fanatic faces a 10-year prison sentence

“No filming, no taking photos, no talking loudly,…” are the rules “everyone knows” every time they go to the theater to watch a movie. However, a part of the audience with poor awareness still intentionally violated it, causing many film crews to lament because just a few days after it premiered, it was widely leaked online. In Vietnam, this problem has not been thoroughly resolved because the penalties are still quite lenient, but in some other countries, typically Japan, film copyright laws are not really established. just for color.


According to MBS, a 50-year-old man was arrested by police in Osaka for secretly filming cartoon Detective Conan: Red Bullet by phone at a movie theater in a shopping mall. Famous detective Conan: Red Bullet was released in Japan last April. This is the 24th film in the Detective Conan film series, adapted from the manga of the same name.

While the movie was playing, a few other viewers discovered this man’s sneaky behavior. He then confessed: “Because the movie was so good, I secretly filmed it to watch it again at home.” The suspect, charged with violating Japan’s Copyright Act, is currently working at a tax office in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, one of the “rich areas” in the Kansai region.


As mentioned, Copyright Law in Japan is taken extremely seriously. Violators can receive a prison sentence of up to 10 years and the fine is not a small amount. Therefore, be a civilized audience when watching movies in theaters, absolutely do not film or take photos, even for personal purposes.​

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