Stealing 14 billion from the company to download games, 9x gamers have to pay a high price

Chinese press recently reported that a 9x gamer currently living in Gansu province (China) embezzled nearly 4 million yuan of salary because he wanted his account to enter the wealth rankings in the game. company funds. However, paper cannot wrap fire, this player’s crime was quickly discovered, causing him to pay a heavy price.​


Quach Dongming was born in 1991, is 30 years old this year, and is a financial officer of a company in Linhtai district, Gansu province. Since he was in school, Quach has been fascinated online games and always admires rich tycoons who are willing to spend thousands of yuan to buy rare equipment and mounts in the game. However, with the low salary of a normal financial officer, Quach Dong Minh could not spend on this passion, so he began to think about embezzling public funds.

Because the company’s finance staff lacked knowledge about Alipay and online banking, Quach Dong Minh had full authority to manage the company’s bank account, which was a favorable condition for this gamer to commit a crime. After “stealing” habitually, he also used public money to buy high-end smartphones and computers for himself. During the 2 years working at this company, Quach embezzled a total of 3,873,804 yuan (equivalent to 13.6 billion VND).​


When arrested by the police, Quach Dong Minh admitted all the crimes and expressed remorse for his actions. But unfortunately time cannot be turned back, he was sentenced by the People’s Court of Linh Dai district to 6 years and 6 months in prison for embezzlement of public funds and must repay the money taken.

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