A gaming screen appears like a hacking tool, displaying the enemy’s location

At the CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, Taiwanese technology corporation MSI introduced to users its new screen product called MEG 32URX QD-OLED. This screen is equipped with AI features and it is worth mentioning if the user plays League of Legends (League of Legends) then this AI can find and display the enemy’s location, it can be said to be no different hacking tools.

This feature will not be detected by any anti-cheat software because AI processing and image extraction take place in the screen’s hardware, independent of the operating system and computer software. According to MSI, the operating principle of this feature is to analyze the small map to find the enemy’s location, this will help players a lot during the game experience. This AI can also track the player’s health in League of Legends and display it on the physical RGB light on the screen itself.


In terms of configuration, MEG 321URX QD-OLED possesses quite impressive technical specifications. The 32-inch screen uses a 4K QD-OLED panel with a contrast ratio of 15000000:1; 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms response time; enough to achieve VESA Clear MR 13000 certification. These figures somewhat suggest that the above screen was created for gaming. The emergence of this technology also partly creates challenges for management agencies when anti-fraud methods cannot detect them.

MSI added that the company will not only be limited to League of Legends, but will also release an application that allows users to practice with these features to detect enemies as well as on-screen elements that are different from any other game. Whichever game do you play?​

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